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salam can i join the discounted group,as i hav already gone twice to iraq? them.


I went to IRAN with Al Haramain on makhsoosi 15th shabaan .I thanks to all haramain staff members they are really great people specially Salman Sahab who gave us valuable knowledge regarding Haram e Mooqadas . Haramain travails working for zaireen with great kindness May Allah (swt) and Masoomeen (as) give them all they wish .Thanks again and again. them.

Farhat Naqvi

Al -Haramain great group speacily arbaeen sham,i like it them.

Ali from india

grt, i wld love to go with u ppl. will cont. u soon... them.


nice 2 see all complete info thats great mashallah them.

nasreenirshad sheikh


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